Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Family Village Launches on Facebook

Funium, a Utah-based company, announced today its free Facebook game, Family Village, is now available. Family Village is the first Facebook game to help players explore their real family trees while building an online community. As players enjoy building fortunes, houses, businesses, immigrating family members and assigning jobs, Family Village matches inputted data with relevant real-world documents about the users’ living and deceased relatives. These include census records, newspaper articles, and other documents. Players can then examine the records, print them, or store them in their personal game library.

“Family Village is ready for players to immigrate real ancestors into their own personalized virtual village,” Funium CEO Jeff Wells said. “The game is easy to learn thanks to thousands of volunteer game testers already having fun and building on to their villages daily.”

More than 8,000 Facebook-game and family-history enthusiasts provided feedback during game testing. Their suggestions accelerated upgrades to the game, including an easy-to-follow tutorial, an enhanced family tree viewer, in-game challenges (or “quests”), a comprehensive villager appearance editor and improved interaction with Facebook friends.

Family Village integrates FamilyLink’s Facebook application, We’re Related, a top-300 social application. FamilyLink’s database provides Family Village players with access to billions of online historical records for a unique family discovery experience. Family Village will continue to integrate with other services in coming months.

To learn more, visit Family Village's official Facebook page.